Showing no signs of stopping, Virgil Abloh recently took to Instagram to reveal the latest designs he has put together for Off-White™.

Part of the label’s Resort20 “Rationalism” collection, the range is comprised of outerwear, sweatshirts, shirts, T-shirts, pants, sneakers and accessories. This time around, Virgil Abloh moved beyond the “impressionism” theme of his recent releases, opting for a look at “rationalism” with a techwear leaning.

Functional elements like water-resistant fabrics, pocket detailing and carrying systems are utilized throughout the collection. Bright and bold colors also define the range, appearing prominently on the new selection of sneakers that come marked with Off-White™’s signature red-zip tie accent.

Check out Off-White™’s Resort20 “Rationalism” collection above and stay tuned for the release of the range.

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