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TikTok Might Have Just Hacked the Future of Job Applications

TikTok Might Have Just Hacked the Future of Job Applications

TikTok is reportedly launching a jobs service that will help connect its young user base with recruiting companies — and it's as Gen Z as you would expect.

According to Axios, the app is currently testing the pilot program with a beta group of companies. Several big brands and organizations are reportedly already interested in participating, including sports leagues.

The novelty about TikTok's potential recruitment platform is how it strays from traditional job applications. Rather than submit a resume and cover letter, users can post a TikTok video resume to the site. The idea is for users to give an elevator pitch or work experience summary via the video in a unique and creative way.

While the platform won't be integrated into the TikTok app itself and will instead be a separate job listings webpage or app, candidates will still be able to post their resume videos to their TikTok profiles.

Since it skyrocketed to mainstream fame last year, TikTok has been lauded for the way it's been able to tap into and showcase homegrown DIY talent. A TikTok jobs service could finally blow the rigid job application process wide open, creating a career ladder that's much more in tune with the generation entering the job market.