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NOCTA Drops a "Colorful" Clothing Collection

NOCTA Drops a "Colorful" Clothing Collection

Boy, Drake and Nike's enigmatic NOCTA line sure drops a lot of all-black apparel. Like, a lot. Finally, though, the duo are dishing up something a little different by way of the suitably strange-sounding "Cardinal Stock" collection.

Cardinal birds are red, so it's especially unclear why this lineup of white, grey, black, and blue garments is named the way it is. Maybe it refers to the basic nature of the garments, how these versatile layering pieces form the building blocks of a casual wardrobe. Or not.

At least we have some background on the brand's name, thanks to Japanese retailer atmos: "a nod to the artist's nocturnal creative process." Is that really what NOCTA actually means? Who knows. Well, no one's buying the brand for its name alone, considering that slick sportswear with a Drake cosign could be called basically anything and still sell out.

Like previous drops, this NOCTA release encompasses a selection of low-key staples elevated by 3M details and the brand's still-unexplained logo motifs (feel free to explain "C.L." and "A.W.R.," please). Maybe it's too much to ask for to get some non-neutral-toned NOCTA items, but the blue bits seen here are a good start, kinda. Most of the rest is realized in the usual black and grey, with some tees and hoodies realized in white to really make getting dressed for "the artist's nocturnal creative process" that much easier.

In case your evening wardrobe needs upgrading, mark your calendars for NOCTA's "Cardinal Stock" collection, launching at Nike stores and stockists like BSTN and atmos on May 20.