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Rare "Golden Ape" Doodle NFT Sells For $1.1 Million USD

Rare "Golden Ape" Doodle NFT Sells For $1.1 Million USD

Doodles, a colorful NFT collection that has been gaining traction since its October debut, sold a rare Doodle this week for 296.69 ETH, or about $1.1 million USD at the time of sale.

The collection, made up of 10,000 images by artist Burnt Toast, opened public sales on October 17 and has since exploded in value on the secondary market. Each NFT features variations of 100 unique traits, including faces, hair, hats, body and backgrounds. Doodle holders also gain access to coordinating the Doodles Community Treasury and can vote for different experiences, campaigns and activations.

On Wednesday, NFT collector Pranksy bought Doodle #6914 — which features one-of-a-kind gold ape traits — for a record-breaking 296.69 ETH. The enthusiast has 71 Doodles in his collection of over 30,000 NFTs.

The current floor price for a Doodle is 9.25 ETH ($29,634 USD). On Friday, DJ Steve Aoki bought Doodle #2238 for 269.69 ETH ($947,000 USD). Snoop Dogg also holds several Doodles in his collection — a positive sign for the project as it continues to expand.