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Take a Whiff of Off-White™'s First Fragrance Drop

Take a Whiff of Off-White™'s First Fragrance Drop

As you may have heard through the grapevine, Off-White™ is breaking into beauty, an entry first teased at Paris Fashion Week in March.

Now, the label has officially unveiled "PAPERWORK," a four-part collection of genderless fragrance, makeup, and nail polish.

Enter: chapter one of the launch, "Solution." A range of four scents developed by Virgil Abloh and a selection of top perfumers, the offering reflects the late creative director's design ethos — specifically, his interest in industrial manufacturing processes.

The packaging in particular screams Abloh: each fragrance bottle is topped with a grip control knob evoking the handles found on vats in industrial fragrance facilities.

As for the scents themselves, Solution No. 1, guided by Alexis Dadier, is woody creation inspired by the texture and aroma of sand. No. 2, by the legendary Jérome Epinette, features fresh citrus top notes with a smoky vetiver base.

For No. 3, Sidonie Lancesseur paired pink peppercorn with rose and amber, creating a musky floral. Finally, Epinette returned for No. 4, an herbal cocktail of eucalyptus and lavender offset by a leather base.

All four Solutions are available now at Off-White™'s website, and will soon be followed by three additional launches: "Imprint," a collection of multi-use pigment crayons; "Template," stickers and stencils for the face and body; and "Color Matter," six nail polishes.

With "PAPERWORK," Off-White™ colors outside of the proverbial lines. Each product pairs and plays with another, offering an endless array of creative possibilities — how would a floral scent interact with a glittery nail, or a lime green eyeliner?

As Abloh himself described his vision, "PAPERWORK" proposes "another canvas, another surface for human expression."