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Drake's Home Studio Lists for $250K/Hr (*Drizzy Feature Not Included)

Drake's Home Studio Lists for $250K/Hr (*Drizzy Feature Not Included)

Another day, more Drake news. Just a day after the musician shook the table with his new song sampling Kim Kardashian's voice, it appears he's now offering up his studio for other musicians to use — for $250,000 per hour, that is.

Allegedly, Drake's home studio in his Toronto abode went up on Stufinder, an app dedicated to finding and booking recording studios. According to the listing titled "Drake's Home Studio," interested parties can book the space for $250K/hour with access to "custom equipment." But here's the thing: Drizzy nor an engineer comes with the booking.

Specifically, the listing states, "Drake feature is not included." Perhaps, if you're lucky, you may get a bang for your buck with a brief pop-in from Drizzy. Who knows?

Nonetheless, something smells fishy regarding this alleged Drake home studio listing on a random booking site launched in January. Though, it appears a few musicians like Moneybagg Yo and producer CHASETHEMONEY have already utilized the platform.

Even Stufinder itself seemed to raise an eyebrow at the listing, sharing in a press statement that it reached out to Drake's camp for verification.

"We reached out to Drake and his team to get confirmation that he did, in fact, list his home recording on our app," Jon Greeer, head of Stufinder's PR.

"Session requests can be sent to the studio but to prevent a scam, we have paused the ability for the studio to accept bookings till we receive confirmation.

The rapper Riff Raff, who wasted no time in booking a session for $500K (2 hours), will be refunded if Stufinder can't confirm the listing. Until then, his payment is currently on hold.