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New Balance's "Protection Pack" is Back

New Balance's "Protection Pack" is Back

It's fair to say that New Balance struck gold with the introduction of its 2002R "Protection Pack" in the final stretch of 2021. With the initial greyscale pack flying off shelves at an alarming pace, as did any subsequent restocks, fans were left hungry for more.

Fortunately, thanks to the success of the pack and an increased focus on general release pairs of the 2002R, fans weren't left waiting for long before new takes rose to the surface.

Once 2022 had hit its stride with Teddy Santis fully settling into his role as Creative Director for New Balance's Made in USA lineup, the "Protection Pack" once again became the center of attention.

Unlike its debut colorways which capitalized on the favored greyscale finishes that call NB home, updated finishes offered a subtle pop of color. Aside from a rich orange tone first seen on feet of Amine, secondary releases opted for muted tones.

The latest round of colorways strikes a match on the opposite end of the spectrum, however, dialing saturation up a notch for two of the pack's most exciting looks thus far.

For the first of the two, a standout selection of purples and deep pinks have been applied across the upper, highlighting the rich contrasts of the shoe's mesh and suede portions, which are only further elevated by the vintage wash applied to the laces and midsole.

The same can be said of the second pair, which instead features an array of blue tones.