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Go Hard or Goyard "Jet Black" Series

Go Hard or Goyard "Jet Black" Series

World-renowned purveyor of luxury leather goods, Goyard, is launching the ultimate line of fall accessories with its "Jet Black" series.

Branding rules the world. Think of soft drinks, and Coca-Cola comes to mind. Fries? McDonalds. Luxury French leather goods? Goyard.

When you see a Goyard piece, its Chevron pattern is unmistakable. For this, we can thank the brand's extensive history that spans over two centuries, but we can't overlook its adoption by hip-hop artists over the years for giving Goyard cross-cultural relevance within the mainstream.

Through the discographies of Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, Pharrell, and Big Sean (to name a few), you'll find references to the luxury brand littered amongst their lyrics. As such, there is no shortage of images showing hip-hop's love affair with a color spectrum of Chevron-monogrammed pieces – Kanye, Virgil, and co at Paris Fashion Week 2009, anybody?

The series consists of seven bag options that feature a painted chevron monogram that differs slightly on each piece made.

Goyard's "Jet Black" series is available now via Goyard boutiques.