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The New Off-White™ Doormats

The New Off-White™ Doormats

The latest deliveries from Off-White™‘s HOME program include some special underfoot items that you’ll be tempted to leave inside the house, rather than outside. A set of themed doormats is on hand, offered in three monochrome editions that place the emphasis squarely on the brand’s signature unmistakable branding and logos, with dramatic flair.

All three doormats are realized with fan-favorite Off-White™ motifs, including a circular “OFF” shape, a rectangular edition featuring the “Swimming Man” logo and a square piece that combines elements of both. All measuring over 26” inches long or wide, they’re sure to cover the majority — at least — of any conventional doorway while ensuring that unassuming visitors do their best to avoid stepping on the seemingly unfriendly “OFF”-branded mats.

This release is the latest in a series of more expansive Off-White™ productions, expanding the luxury label’s output beyond mere apparel to fortify its lifestyle status. Among the other home goods, there have been Braun alarm clocks and a new range of athleisure gear demonstrating the brand’s aptitude at delivering wares suitable for the new normal.

The doormats are available on Off-White™’s web store and physical locations, though some styles are moving quickly.