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Have Celebrities Ruined Halloween Forever?

Have Celebrities Ruined Halloween Forever?

Halloweekend has come to an end, and we can finally breathe again. We saw our fair share of great costumes (and just as many terrible ones), and it seems like most people were able to stay clear of offensive costumes which is a real win for everyone.

Since the rise of social media, Halloween isn't just about dressing up in a costume – it is about creating viral gold. For us regular folks, that means getting a couple hundred likes and comments on our IG post, but for celebrities, it means hours of preparation in order to go viral.

For the rich and famous, picking a costume is easy because no matter what they choose, it will get custom-made, with professional hair and makeup being done to perfection. This year, we saw Hailey Bieber channel Britney Spears x 4, and although the costumes were spot on and she looked stunning, we can't help but wonder why anyone would need four costumes? Where are they even going?

The answer is nowhere. At least not in those Instagram-friendly get-ups.

The perfectly executed costumes with pre-made backdrops are done just for social media. Ariana Grande literally did a whole the Creature from the Black Lagoon movie poster wearing prosthetics, and a photoshoot starring her husband, just for the gram. To be honest, those are the looks I really want to see at the big Hollywood parties, not just in our feeds. I want to see how those gills are holding up during a night out.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker also took things to the next level, initially doing a Sid and Nancy costume, and then revealing a full True Romance getup that included a recreation of the movie poster, outdoor shots, and white backdrop. All in a day's work, I guess.

Doja Cat showed up as Cynthia from Rugratz, and the wig was actually made from hair. Not your average Pinterest cardboard DIY, but a proper wig.

Of course, the costumes are good. Great, even. But does it count when you've got a whole team of professionals creating the look for you?

Halloween has always been a great occasion for DIY costumes, lazy last-minute looks, sheet ghosts, and tacky fits. In a world where celebs are dressed to perfection, how are we meant to compete? The easy Spirit Halloween costumes just won't cut it anymore.

Perhaps saying that celebrities have ruined Halloween is a bit of a stretch, but they have certainly taken it to a whole new level where all competition has been eliminated. I mean, come on, how are we meant to get a full face of prosthetics on a budget? An exact replica of a costume? Get Jen Atkin to do our hair? It is impossible. We will never look as good – and that's the point.

Social media's impact on the holiday can be seen all over the world, and for a generation as obsessed with Instagram and TikTok as ours, our expectations are only getting higher. Perhaps seeing Kendall Jenner as a sheet ghost or The Weeknd in a skeleton morph suit just isn't that exciting? Perhaps we need those polished and perfect costumes.

I was going to dress up as Britney Spears, and after seeing Hailey Bieber do it, I immediately changed my costume. She killed it, and mine would not even have been nearly as good, so I quickly admitted defeat and ended up going as a Teletubby instead. I'll leave the real costumes to the professionals.

Regardless of whether you love the Instagram-ready outfits or hate them, they won't be going anywhere anytime soon – they'll only get better from here.