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Virgil Abloh and Vitra Repurpose Design Classics for a New Generation

Virgil Abloh and Vitra Repurpose Design Classics for a New Generation

The Ceramic Block and two Jean Prouvé items have been given a new aesthetic.

Virgil Abloh and Vitra have continued their collaborative relationship, building on 2019’s release and exhibitionwith the new “Virgil Abloh c/o Vitra: US Edition.” Continuing themes from that collaboration, the new capsule features the same three items, a Ceramic Block along with remakes of Jean Prouvé‘s “Antony” chair and “Petite Potence” lamp.

All three items come in a bold “Baby Blue” colorway and feature an array of other details. For the Ceramic Block, Abloh has added a numeral declaring which of the 999 editions it is, while the “Petite Potence” lamp — limited to just 150 — is finished with an oblong cage encasing an LED bulb. Lastly, the 150 “Antony” chairs feature a frosted plexiglass shell.

Announcing the collection, Abloh explained the idea of creating a link between Jean Prouvé’s work and future generations, saying, “I loved the idea of introducing some Prouvé classics to a generation today that might not know the importance of his work. He worked as a craftsman, designer, manufacturer, architect, teacher, and engineer – he truly was a multifaceted designer and not limited to one “discipline”. His many talents translate through his work — intertwining art with social consciousness. I feel interconnected with Prouvé in light of, I too, work within many worlds; art, fashion, music and philanthropy — meshing my ideas from these many realms together for a greater message to the world.”