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The Case For Fez As Euphoria's Underrated Style Icon

The Case For Fez As Euphoria's Underrated Style Icon

While the conflict, dramatic soundtracks, and cinematography in Euphoria keep us gripped, it's the character's fashion tastes that have us obsessing over the show.

Whether it be introducing new character Elliot by kitting him out in a Telfar hoodie, Rue wearing vintage Jean Paul Gaultier, or Jules in a psychedelic hockey T-shirt from Perks and Mini, every episode has us daydreaming about what our Euphoria High 'fit would be. And nine times out of ten, mine is pretty close to what Fez wears.

Angus Cloud's drug dealer, full name Fezco, has become the internet's latest crush. With the show's new season permanently trending on TikTok and Twitter, he has garnered a loyal fanbase that excuses the character's actions in favor of his charm. Or in our case, in favor of his style.

There's a lot of competition for the best-dressed character in Euphoria — Zendaya's character Rue and Alexa Demie's Maddy often dominate the style conversation — but we think Fez might be the world's best-dressed (and most lovable) drug dealer.

He has a uniform that comprises streetwear essentials from labels such as Palace, Supreme, and Ralph Lauren. His outfits have included Coogi jumpers, 90s Nike Air Max, and wide-leg jeans — he almost dresses like a streetwear OG. It's the kind of looks that first got us interested in fashion and seeing them on television screens will always be novel. Thank God that the show didn't kill him off after the first season as was planned.

Cloud has been enjoying the fashion limelight of the screen too, being on magazine covers, walking red carpets, and doing spots of modeling. Cloud, who was working at a fast-food joint until being discovered by chance for this role in 2018, has accumulated some fashion status. And with a similar everyday style to his character, there's always a chance that he's had a hand in producing Fez's trademark look.

Check out our favorite outfits from Euphoria's underrated style icon below.

The Fezco uniform

Episode four of the latest season of Euphoria saw Fez nail his trademark look. A vintage Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with a large gold chain over the top and a pair of baggy jeans, it's a variation on a combination that we have seen him pull off throughout the show.