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Telfar & Eastpak’s Not-So-Secret Collab Is Dropping Again Soon

Telfar & Eastpak’s Not-So-Secret Collab Is Dropping Again Soon

In March, FBI Twitter unveiled Telfar's not-so-secret collaboration with Eastpak, the VF Corp-owned bag company. And, even after a round of blind pre-orders and individual drops, just know: it ain't over yet.

Next up on the Telfar and Eastpak agenda, the collaborators are gearing up to properly launch their four-piece handbag collection at Eastpak and select retailers.

During the next launch phase - which goes down on April 15 — you can expect to see the collection's shopper-turned-backpack in medium and large sizes.

Each bag, priced between £70-£200 (approx. $91-$260), boasts the familiar embossed Telfar logo joined by an Eastpak tag on the front.

Eastpak's sturdy canvas dresses Telfar's cult-favorite shopping handbags, offering a more functional vibe in comparison to its go-to vegan leather counterparts.

Eastpak's utilitarian approach to Telfar's bags sounds about right. After producing gear for the U.S. Army, I would say durability is deeply rooted in Eastpak's ethos and history.

Luxury fashion can't seem to get enough of the Eastpak's practical aesthetic, as the accessory label has teamed up with MM6 Maison Margiela for a trippy bag collection and Undercover for bag-kets this year.

It's safe to say Telfar is also fond of Eastpak's stylishly functional ways. Telfar-ites went hard selling out the pre-sale (even when they didn't know exactly what they were getting), so expect the same energy for these next drops.