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Palace is honoring the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) with the release of an “NHS TRI-TO HELP” capsule.

The charitable release is comprised of a T-shirt, crewneck sweater and a hoodie, which all feature a spin on Palace’s signature Triferg logo, now incorporating the words “National Health Service” into its three sides. The blue and white Triferg emblem channels the color scheme of the NHS’ logo and appears on both the front and back of each piece.

All three pieces from Palace’s capsule are offered up in white and are completed with the standard Palace interior logo. 100 percent of the profits made from this release will be donated to NHS Charities Together, which supports many aspects of the NHS — especially key workers who are currently working through the coronavirus pandemic, treating those with COVID-19.

Palace’s “NHS TRI-TO HELP” collection will release exclusively via Palace’s website on May 1 at 11 a.m. BST, and will be available everywhere except in the U.S. and Japan. Take a closer look at the pieces above.