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Nike Is Reportedly Limiting How Many Air Force 1s People Can Buy

Nike Is Reportedly Limiting How Many Air Force 1s People Can Buy

Newly surfaced screenshots shared by Militia_Kicks are now showing that Nike is limiting the amount of Air Force 1s a single customer can buy. One order update notes that the customer exceeded “the quantity limit” on Nike’s website, while another customer was directed to visit a local Nike location or an authorized retailer to purchase AF1s.

There is currently no clear reason as to why Nike is limiting how many Air Force 1s can be purchased. But some have theorized that the restriction could be related to the shipping crisis Nike is currently going through. Late last week, word broke that Nike had alerted sneaker retailers that it would be canceling Holiday 2021 till Summer 2022 shipments. The severe ongoing supply chain disruption and transportation disturbances are a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Nike notes, “Our goal is to resume supply as soon as possible and we are committed to communicating transparent and timely updates about future seasons.

Currently, Nike has increased the maximum quantity of Air Force 1s available for purchase by a single customer from two pairs to five pairs.