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Kanye West x McDonald's May Be the Final Frontier of Fast Food Collabs

Kanye West x McDonald's May Be the Final Frontier of Fast Food Collabs

Kanye West's wild McDonald's order has us hankering for a Yeezus fast food collaboration.

In mid-October, the king of publicity stunts strode the streets of Berlin in a freaky rubber mask, which he later removed to reveal an eyebrow-raising haircut.

While in Die Hauptstadt, Ye also stopped by McDonald's for a taste of the best cuisine Germany has to offer. Thanks to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, fan account @dondasplace got the scoop on what Mister Poopy-di Scoop himself indulged in.

Kanye allegedly ordered: one large caramel Frappé, one Chicken Tasty (a sandwich exclusive to Europe), one medium fries, one large chocolate milkshake, one three-pack of hot wings, and six barbecue dipping sauces, an expansion of the order revealed in a Super Bowl ad a couple years ago.

In case you didn't clock that, he requires two sauce packets per chicken wing.

The news of Ye's eccentric order comes hot on the heels of Megan Thee Stallion's Popeyes team-up, the latest in a seemingly never-ending sequence of celebrity fast food collabs.

As passé as rapper-backed Big Macs have become, a limited-edition Kanye West meal would be an undeniable hit. In fact, it might just make fast food hype fun again.

I can see it now: the meal would be served in a nondescript paper bag, akin to those Kanye's YEEZY x GAP hoodies are packaged in.

Unbranded black cartons would hold Ye's favorite fare and his two dairy-based drinks would arrive in blacked-out water bottles. The meal's copious amounts of barbecue sauce would be black, too.

And McDonald's employees would serve the collab in uniforms designed by Balenciaga's Demna Gvasalia, no stranger to fast food-inspired fashion.

The partnership is a match made in heaven. In 2018, the rapper tweeted, "McDonald's is my favorite restaurant" and in 2016 he shared, "McDonalds is my favorite brand" — unsurprising, considering his love of GAP, another American staple.

He even wrote a poem about McDonald's that includes the incredibly spot-on line, "Always knew them French fries was evil man / Smelling all good and shit."

Given Kanye's longstanding love for the Golden Arches and his ultra-devoted fan base, a McDonald's co-sign is a no-brainer in terms of marketability and profitability.

Then, on February 13, "dreams" came true (air-quotes added because surely no one was actually dreaming about a Ye x McDonald's team-up, hopefully).

As part of McDonald's Super Bowl ad, Ye drove up to a Drive-Thru in one of his Ukrainian tank cars wearing his black Round Jacket.

After he hopped out of his ride, Kanye unleashes a droning "Uhhhhhhhh" for the rest of the spot.

Weird to think that the guy with an extremely specific order would take that long to pick out some fried food, but it's all for the sake of the tie-in merch (printed on some Gildan blanks because this is McDonald's after all — fast and cheap always beats out quality).

It caps Ye's big week of beefing (no Big Mac pun intended) with everyone from Kim to Billie Eilish to Kid Cudi in a series of cringey publicity stunts ahead of DONDA 2's release.