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Gucci x Birkenstock Collab Rumored After Sarah Jessica Parker Debuts Clogs on Set

Gucci x Birkenstock Collab Rumored After Sarah Jessica Parker Debuts Clogs on Set

And Just Like That, Carrie Bradshaw has traded in her Manolo Blahnik heels for the comfortable clog — albeit a designer pair.

Spotted on the streets of New York City, on set for season two of the Sex and the City reboot, Sarah Jessica Parker appears to have unveiled an upcoming collaboration that sees Gucci join forces with Birkenstock. Paparazzi photos have showcased a pair of monogrammed Gucci slip-ons, highlighted by the Birkenstock Boston silhouette. Known to make major fashion statements as her character Carrie Bradshaw, SJP continues to surprise fans with a different outfit rendition, veering off from her traditional glamorous wardrobe.

For the scene, Carrie Bradshaw is spotted walking down the streets of New York with her close friend Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon. For the occasion, SJP wears a tie-dye shirt layered with a colorful cardigan and robe, paired with a slim-fit pair of grey sweatpants. While one would think that the ensemble would be the greatest shock of all, it is the Gucci x Birkenstock collaboration that catches most fashion aficionados’ eyes. This is not the first time Birkenstock has collaborated with a luxury brand, having revealed a Dior collaboration and with a Bradshaw favorite, Manolo Blahnik. This would mark the first time a Kering brand has collaborated with Birkenstock. While the pairing appears to be uncharacteristic of Carrie, she is right on trend, as the Birkenstock Bostons were one of the most highly demanded shoes in 2021 and 2022.

No further information regarding if the clog will be available for a wider release has been made available. It is uncertain if these clogs are a Carrie Bradshaw exclusive or if they will soon be released.