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British Social Media Influencers Will Soon Have to Announce When an Image Has Been Retouched

British Social Media Influencers Will Soon Have to Announce When an Image Has Been Retouched

Last year, Norway enacted a new regulation that made it illegal for social media influencers and advertisers alike to not declare when a paid post on their social media was retouched. The move to combat the increasing concerns of poor mental health was caused by social media platforms and the growing cases of body dysmorphia.

Now, following the new law in Norway, the U.K. is moving in the same direction. A new bill is currently being discussed in the House of Commons that states that a logo will need to be displayed on any digitally-altered images of faces and bodies. The new law is being pushed by MP’s within the Health and Social Care committee with hopes that it will begin to change body expectations that are currently impacting a Gen Z audience.

The new law is also stating that social media promotion of cosmetic services such as dermal fillers should be tightly regulated with a mental health history check for those who are interested in booking a procedure. According to an article from the BBC, former health secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is head of the committee, said: “We heard of some distressing experiences with procedures carried out with no questions asked.”

It is unsure how the U.K. will implement punishments for those who don’t follow the new law, however in 2017, France also introduced a new photoshop law. It requires any commercial image that has been altered to include a written warning that reads “edited photograph.” Those who break the rule could see fines up to €37,000 EUR ($38,000 USD) or 30% of the cost of creating the ad.

No specific dates have been announced in the U.K. as to when the new law will become active, but it is expected to happen very soon.