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Apple Adds FaceTime Captions and Spotify Embraces NFTs in This Week’s Business and Crypto Roundup

Apple Adds FaceTime Captions and Spotify Embraces NFTs in This Week’s Business and Crypto Roundup

Many brands are starting to see a recovery despite the challenges initially brought on by the pandemic. Some businesses, especially ones that focused efforts on expanding e-commerce ventures, have even seen profits rise even higher than before.

HYPEBEAST has rounded up the top business and crypto stories of the week so you can stay in the know about trends across industries.


1. Shannon Abloh is set to become CEO of  Virgil Abloh Securities

The Virgil-founded creative corporation includes art, architecture, engineering, creative direction, industrial design, fashion, film and writing. It is also opening a new philanthropic institution.

2. Apple previewed real-time captions for video calls and social media apps

Real-time captions can be turned on for any audio, video, or streaming content including FaceTime, video-conferencing apps, and social media apps. The feature is meant to increase accessibility.

3. Samsung is reportedly raising the prices of its chips

According to Bloomberg, the company may raise chip prices by 15-20% to reflect the increasing costs of production. The report cites global instability as one of the reasons for the price change.


1. Robinhood is launching a multi-chain Web3 wallet

The Robinhood wallet will allow users to explore a variety Web3 dapps. It also offers non-custodial features as well as the ability to trade and swap cryptocurrencies for no network fees.

2. Twitch co-founder raises $24 million USD for Web3 gaming

The Web3 entertainment company, Metatheory, raised $24 million USD in its recent funding round. Leading investments came from Andreessen Horowitz and cryptocurrency firms Pantera Capital and FTX Ventures.

3. Spotify is reportedly integrating NFTs onto its artist profile pages

The new integrations will allow artists to display, promote, and sell their own NFTs in the app. The offering is still in beta, with select users like Steve Aoki and The Wombats being part of the test.