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Jacquemus x VanMoof Is the Chicest Electric Bike on the Market

Jacquemus x VanMoof Is the Chicest Electric Bike on the Market

For the longest time I've been planning on buying a bike, but I haven't pulled the trigger because I haven't found the perfect one. But I've just found it, it's Jacquemus x VanMoof.

There's certainly been an influx of fashion bikes lately, and the cycling aesthetic has also become more popular. Luxury labels including Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Dior, MCM, Stella McCartney, and more have all jumped on the trend, teaming up with cycling giants including Brompton, Cannondale, and URWAHN.

We've also seen bikes from JJJJound, as well as other streetwear imprints including Supreme. Literally, everyone is cycling.

And for good reason. With Uber's and taxis becoming increasingly expensive, and public transport often taking a very long time, our best option is becoming cycling. And with the environment deteriorating, it basically leaves us no choice.

The VanMoof bike is already a Highsnobiety favorite, and the electric bike from Amsterdam has another 200,000 fans that include everyone from Frank Ocean, to Tyler, The Creator. Of course, Simon Porte Jacquemus is also a fan.

The collaborative vehicle comes in the perfect pink shade, with Jacquemus' logo printed in white on its frame. It is simple and minimal, yet eye-catching and fun, and features a black saddle and wheels for contrast.

There's yet no official information available as to when the bike will become available, nor what model or what the price tag will look like. Based on the teaser images, it seems as if it is a VanMoof S3, which retails at £1,998.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available, and keep an eye out for me cycling on my pink Jacquemus x VanMoof all over London. I just need to find $2,500 first, but that's a minor task.